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Job Management Software

What is Job Management Software?

The days of running multiple systems to handle essential operational business tasks like scheduling, invoicing and service management are a thing of the past.

Instead, field staff are accessing everything they need from the palm of their hands thanks to cloud-based technologies that are leading a revolution in field mobility.

When introducing job management software, field and office staff can share real-time job information, engineers can view their schedules, including any updates instantly. Improved connectivity means less time is wasted travelling to/from the office.

Using technology not only makes workforces more efficient ensuring jobs are completed first time, every time, it transforms the customer experience. Engineers are free to focus on the activities that really count – solving customer problems, building strong relationships and increasing their number of visits.

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Key Job Management Software features to support your business

Speedy scheduling

  • See at a glance who’s busy, when and where
  • Prevent double-booking with alerts for overlapping schedules
  • Schedule an entire team or individual engineers with just a few clicks
  • If plans change, a drag and drop is all it takes to swap schedules between staff
  • Schedule in a view that suits you

Engineer management

  • Keep field staff better connected with simPRO mobile’s suite of apps
  • Get the right people to the right place on time with the right tools and materials
  • Give engineers clear job instructions
  • Minimise travel time to increase productivity
  • Capture photos, signatures, test readings and job outcomes on site

Inventory & stock management

  • Import supplier catalogues with part numbers, trade and cost prices and minimum pack quantities
  • Compare prices from multiple suppliers
  • Track stock from the warehouse to an engineer’s van
  • Perform stock adjustments or stock takes as needed
  • Keep vans well-stocked or order new parts for a job straight off the bill of materials.

Preventative and reactive maintenance

  • Easily manage equipment across thousands of sites
  • Know what’s to be tested – when – and what specific test is required
  • Add attachments such as manuals or photos
  • Record field test readings in real time

Customer portal

  • Provide customers with access to their own version of simPRO
  • Full visibility of quotes, jobs, invoices and more
  • Allow them to create jobs as well as request and accept quotes
simPRO composition Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

Benefits of job management software

Implementing job management software is a step in the right direction when it comes to managing your data and being able to use it to better a field service business.

Gain complete visibility of all parts of the business

Organise everyday processes from job to invoice

Reduce operating costs and admin time

Produce quotes faster than ever before

Increase staff efficiency and accountability

Easily manage materials, labour and company overheads

Gain essential business insights for informed decision-making

Win more business

simPRO works for your business

Comprehensive job management software with a range of features for scheduling, estimating, invoicing, project management, asset management and more, you can work smarter, deliver superior service and maximise your profitability with simPRO.



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