Time to go after the big projects

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In the past Dan Ogden, owner of DB Electrical Services, struggled to effectively manage high volumes of orders from suppliers. This then affected his ability to effectively manage projects by making it difficult for him to organise and assign resources to them.

Nowadays, it’s a very different story. Turns out, investing in serious business management software simplifies the process, and then some. Dan now has full control and complete visibility over the status of all his orders – which has given him the confidence to go after bigger projects.

“With systems in place, we can approach larger customers.”

A better deal for customers

D&B’s existing customers win too. With a better understanding of the value of their orders, D&B have the confidence to negotiate a better deal on their materials and pass those savings on to their customers.

On to bigger projects

With new systems in place, and once the administration department is running more independently, Dan’s plan for 2017 is to hit the road to develop stronger relationships with larger clients and in turn land some bigger projects.

Engineer independence

With all the information at their fingertips, engineers don’t have to call the office (or Dan) about the job. All the details are on their phone, such as key codes for alarms, job details, materials, contact details and more. This keeps everything flowing efficiently.

Five holidays in one year?!

As is often the case once our Journey goers get a taste of freedom, it’s not uncommon for one holiday to turn into several. Dan took five holidays last year. He credits simPRO for giving him the freedom to step away from the office and take some time off.

Worst case scenario? If something does need his attention back at the office, all he’ll have to do is pull his iPad out of his bag, and log in to simPRO.

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