Xero recently conducted a study that revealed small business owners spend, on average, 10% of their day chasing late payments. That’s two days a month!

Surely that's too much wasted time – not to mention the detriment late payments can have on a business’ cash flow (which can, and often does, lead to business failure).

To help tackle the issue of late payments, we've got a convenient payment add-on in simPRO Enterprise and Service. Read on!

Square Payments

Square Payments makes it incredibly easy for your customers to pay you in many different ways. Your customers can pay:

  • on site after a job is complete
  • online through the Customer Portal
  • by following a link in an emailed invoice
  • over the phone.

All payment is made with credit card, and all payment is processed through the simPRO system in one simple, streamlined procedure.

Forget waiting on your bank merchant account to process the payment and charge you (and your customer) excess fees!

What are the benefits?

Keeping that cash flowin'! Making it easy for your customers to pay you dramatically increases the likelihood that you’ll be paid on time.

When your field employees can collect payment on site after a job complete, you'll get the cash for a job well done almost immediately!

Similarly, offering customers the options to pay with credit card online or with a quick phone call is simple, easy, and ensures you’re paid quickly.

Get started today

If you're already a simPRO client, getting started with Square Payments is easy! Just go to the Help Guide for information on how to sign up.

Square Payments Sign Up

If you're not a yet a simPRO client, take simPRO for a free test drive or contact us today.