Meet Paul Christie

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Meet Paul Christie, owner of Casalite Electrics. Paul is a prime example of an astute business owner always open to new ideas. Through simple processes and the introduction of new technologies, he's developed both a successful business model and a flexible lifestyle.

Paul's been a long time user of simPRO products. Nowadays, with Enterprise at the helm, he's got the field techs using Connect, office staff monitor field techs' location using simTRAC, and a quick check of Xero is his morning routine.

Paul’s journey is well underway. By putting the right staff in place and ironing out creases from the outset, Paul is now in a position to stand back from the company and spend more time with his family travelling overseas.

“You do have to want to change, that’s the key to it.” Paul Christie

In the following interview Paul discusses the approach that has enabled him freedom, flexibility and the ability to both work and travel.