Our latest update gives users the option to populate Asset Record forms with signatures which are collected from Connect. You can also choose, if you wish, to display the engineer's licence number on all your future job cards and Asset Record forms.

Smudgable signatures, a thing of the past

A single job may have more than one signature from various engineers within your company. simPRO will automatically display the latest signature with both the client and engineer signature on it.

Office staff will know immediately if a job has been signed off and by who, and engineer’s need never worry about carrying forms, losing forms and silly pens with inky signatures again!

Automatically populated gas forms

This ties in nicely with the UK aspect of this update which autopopulates Gas Safe forms not only with customer details but also with service levels, asset types, and other measurement fields which are pulled automatically from Connect creating government compliant forms with minimal manual input.

For simPRO clients in the UK that haven’t already got Connect, now is a better time than ever to treat yourself!

Gas safe forms are a requirement when performing certain works on a property in the UK and this new ability to import mandatory fields from Connect means that these Gas Safe and Asset Record forms requires no manual writing. Pen’s are so 2017.

We predict that the stock prices of ball-point pens are going to plumate and our product Owner declines to the car park fight invitation from the maker of the ball-point and gel roller pens. It’s your own fault for choosing to invest in penmanship instead of simPRO.

To find out more about these updates, visit our Release Notes If you would like to submit an idea, visit our Ideas Portal from your simPRO build.