The confidence to deliver on a promise

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This is part one of a two-part series that follows Ian from Lucas & Sons Ltd.

In the early days Ian Lucas had too much work to handle on his own. As is often the case for people in the trades industry in the same position, the time came for him to make a decision. Ian needed to decide whether or not he’d remain on the tools and self employed or to embrace the opportunity and become a business owner. He chose the latter.

Delivering on a promise

Lucas & Sons Ltd pride themselves on the ability to follow through on their promise and deliver what they say they’re going to do. The confidence to deliver on that promise is attributed largely to simPRO.

“If we didn’t have the software system we’ve got, we wouldn’t be as efficient, we wouldn’t be as quick and we wouldn’t be as organised.” Ian Lucas, Director. Lucas & Sons Ltd.

When it comes to increased efficiency in the field, Ian says simPRO has made an enormous impact. With nothing more than an iPad, Lucas & Sons can now issue a quote and have it signed by the customer in less than 10 minutes. Turnaround times don’t get much quicker than that!

Ian saw first-hand the ripple effect brought on by the growth of a business. From increased administration to quoting, invoicing to purchase orders. Then there’s the field technicians. It becomes a completely different beast to manage and to keep organised.

The search for the ultimate trade service business management software

More than people power was required to keep Lucas & Sons organised and running efficiently.

Ian tried a bunch of different software applications to manage the business. They all did specific tasks reasonably well, but Ian was looking for one app that could do everything, a complete business management system designed specifically for the trade industry.

Finally, he found simPRO.

“The workflow is perfect.” Ian

From the initial customer enquiry, to generating a quote, converting that quote to a job and then sending a list of materials straight to the supplier – workflow has never been smoother.

In the field, quotes can be written, printed and signed within 10 minutes. This has presented enormous benefits to both Lucas & Sons and of course, their clients.

“We can have a quote done and signed within 10 minutes.” Ian

Future plans – continuing to add value

Lucas & Sons' value proposition to customers continues to expand as well, from finance plans for customers, to Square Payments, to a bigger network of contractors. These aspects can help to not only increase cash flow but to handle the upcoming increase in work that a UK Winter typically brings.

With such rapid expansion, it’s also time to move out of the home office. Lucas & Sons are about to make the move into their first office premises, a big enough space to continue the growth trajectory.

Time off well earned

Ian likes to spend time with his family and has a love of theme parks.

With the software in place, Ian can leave staff with access to all the information they need while he takes some well-deserved time away from the office.

You’ll hear more about Ian and the enormous difference simPRO has made to his business in the upcoming part 2.

Meanwhile, in the interview below Ian explains what an enormous difference the software has made to his business.