We’re back at it! For the next installment of our import and export overhaul, rolling out from 8 July, 2018, we’re turning our critical eye on your assets.

Following this release, you will be able to update assets in bulk using an import file, and even link assets to existing parent assets in simPRO.

So, what’s new?

  • Fresh import field options
  • Timestamped exports
  • Freedom to navigate away during import

New import fields

If you have a list of assets in a csv, text or zip file, you now have a number of import options with simPRO. The ‘Asset ID’ import field means you can update existing assets in bulk, while the ‘Parent Asset ID’ field allows you to link imported assets to a parent asset in simPRO.

Timestamped exports

Ensure you’re using the most up to date information, and monitor the frequency with which you refresh your data, thanks to timestamped exports! Now, when you export a list of assets, your file name is timestamped for a quick and easy reference.

Freedom to navigate away during import

We know this one seems to be a staple with every import-and-export-themed update we do, but we feel it’s important to give you, and your mouse, the freedom you deserve.

So, with that being said, following this release, if you are importing a large amount of assets, you can navigate away from the import page, and return later!

For more information, check out the video below, or head over to our release notes for a full break down of the update.